Mini Recipe: Onion Dip
October 28, 2011 Nicole Kreidle

Mini Recipe: Onion Dip

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I am introducing a new “series” on the blog. These “mini recipes” are going to be super quick and easy recipes that you can throw together at the drop of a hat. These recipes are so quick and spur of the moment that I will post pictures with “instagram” because I think they look fun! They do not have quantities because these recipes are highly adaptable to different sizes and can be used with a variety of ingredients.

Last Saturday while we were watching CU pull off loose terribly I had a hankering for onion dip. This was my solution.

mini recipe: onion dip


caramelized diced onions, any color will work. the more caramelized the more flavor – low and slow. see “how to caramelize onions” below if you want some pointers

diced green onions

any combination of greek yogurt, sour cream, or mayonnaise

garlic salt. additional spices could be onion powder, cayenne, paprika, pepper


Mix ingredients together

Serve with crackers, chips, pita


 How to Caramelize Onions

Pick an appropriate size pan that will comfortably fit the amount of onions you are caramelizing

Put enough oil in the pan to coat the bottom of the pan but no more. If there is too much oil and onions will fry instead of carmalize

Cook onions of medium-low heat until very soft, dark in color and have a sweet flavor

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