Personal Chef Services

Personal Chef Services

Have a busy week coming up? Lighten the load with help from Smiles with Salt Personal Chef Services. Smiles with Salt provides fully prepared, fresh, flavorful meals that are ready to reheat and enjoy! With new and interesting meals every week and delivery straight to your front door, dinner couldn’t be easier.

How it works:

A new menu will be posted every other Thursday. You can view the options online and select the quantity of servings of each item. The menu closes at 11pm on Saturday.

We will delivery your meals to your door on Tuesday afternoon. We will send you a 2 hour time window of when you can expect your food. If you are not home you can leave a cooler out or we can leave the food in thermal bags that can be rented.

Meals range from $13-$15 per serving. You will receive an invoice the Friday after delivery that will include tax and a $5 delivery charge.

Meals are marked as (GF) gluten free or (FF) freezer friendly.

Meals will last in the fridge for 3 – 5 days. Reheating instructions come right on the food packages and generally take 30 min – 1 hour to reheat in the oven depending on the size of the serving.

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