Steak and Eggs with Latkes
July 23, 2012 Nicole Kreidle

Steak and Eggs with Latkes

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On more than one occasion this summer we have ended up with leftover grilled steak in our fridge. As someone who hates to throw perfectly good food away I was determined to give new life to the steak and make leftovers something to go bananas carrots over!

steak and eggs with latkes

serves 3 – 4


1 large russet potato

1 small onion (or half large onion)

1/4 cup flour


canola or vegetable oil for frying

leftover steak


green onions (optional), chopped


Heat oil over medium in bottom heavy pan (I use my cast iron skillet). Heat oil to about 350 degrees or until the potato sizzles when you test a small piece

In a food processor or by hand, grate potato and onion. You can peel or not peel the potato, your preference

Gather grated potato and onion in a kitchen towel or cheese cloth and squeeze out all the liquid

Mix potato and onion with flour and 2 tsp salt

Drop small handfulls of the potato onion mixture in the hot oil to form small patties

Fry the latkes on each side until golden brown. Remove from oil when they have formed a crunchy crust and allow to dry on paper towel. Immediately sprinkle with more salt (to taste) after removing from oil.

Reheat steak (I wrapped mine in paper towel and microwaved) and prepare eggs whatever style you choose.

Layer latkes, steak, eggs and top with chopped green onion. Serve with hot sauce and enjoy!

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